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Activities and production plant

Highly qualified team, cutting-edge plants and space for preparation, dismantling, and logistics. That’s how Color Life guarantees a high-quality end result.

Liquid coating

Liquid coating ensures excellent results in terms of quality, strength, and aesthetics, choosing among a wide range of shades and colors.

Unlike powder coating, liquid coating can be applied to all materials, leaving their nature and shape unchanged, and it allows for a wide range of aesthetic finishes. Thanks to our expertise and strong internal structure, we are flexible in painting different types of products, even in small quantities, offering all the PANTONE® range of colors and sample colors.

Liquid coating is applied with both pressurized and open type booths and coatings are dried inside endothermic ovens. The three stages of preparation of the pieces, quality control, and packaging are carried out in our dedicated areas.

Sandblasting and shotblasting

Surface preparation is an essential step in applying the paint, also allowing its adhesion and resistance over time.

At Color Life, we know that the performance of a coating also depends on its adhesion to the surface, for this reason, we personally carry out the processes of manual blasting and shotblasting, within our own plants.

Maintenance and protection cycles

Color Life provides maintenance and protection services for metallic elements and structures. After the first stage of sanding and retrieval of the surface, the damaged parts are subjected to a pneumatic blasting treatment, followed by the application of anti-corrosive coatings and finish enamels.

Manual sandblasting

This procedure is carried out for the preparation of surfaces for finishing works such as wooden furniture and items, windows, doors and design elements.


This treatment highly improves the aesthetic qualities of objects and surfaces, choosing from a wide range of colors and effects. The process also gives pieces an excellent mechanical strength, improving their performance.


Through deburring, Color Life cleans metallic materials from all the residues from the casting process. The preparation of these surfaces enables Color Life to achieve great quality, resistance and results for the coating of metallic and cast iron materials.

Plants and equipment

In our factory in Forlì, we have forefront plants and equipment for the wide range of treatments we offer. The production takes place over an area of 4500 sqm, 2000 of which are dedicated to coating and preparation and 2500 to dismantling and logistics. Other areas are used for parts preparing and dismantling, packaging and quality control.

Washing and phosphate degreasing plant

The two-stage plant allows to wash parts with big volumes and considerable weight before applying liquid coating. This system is extremely effective for those materials which, for technical reasons, can not be subjected to sandblasting.

Endothermic oven

State of art oven with endothermic technology (8 x 5 mt) for high quality drying of coating.

Gas oven

Gas oven (6 x 4 mt) for fast coating drying.

Pneumatic blasting system

A versatile and compact system that allows to clean surfaces and makes them suitable for coating (up to SA 3 grade according to ISO  8501 – 1).

Liquid coating system

A state of art plant with electrostatic paint booths; the oven reaches up to 90° and can contain pieces up to 70×160 cm.

Paint booths

In the area dedicated to coating we have 2 paint booths (6 x 4 mt and 8 x 5 mt).

Color Life is specialized in liquid coating and operates in different industries and fields, paying close attention to detail for impeccable products, from industrial products, to interior design solutions. Find out the industries where we operate by clicking here.