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Color Life offers a wide range of solutions for the realisation of unique works,  ensuring high performance and expertise for every need.
Thanks to the great flexibility in color change, techniques and product types, Color Life can also work on small quantities, as well as on individual pieces, ensuring the uniqueness and high aesthetic values of the products.
The company offers protective and aesthetic interventions on new pieces, as well as a service for recovering and finishing damaged elements, using high quality systems and products.

By providing the full range of PANTONE® colors and sample colors, Color Life can also paint materials such as plastic, fiberglass and wood, ensuring surface uniformity and long lasting paint adhesion.
Painting is carried out after the specific treatments required by the various materials such as washing, sandblasting and deburring, in order to ensure surface uniformity, durable paint adhesion and better corrosion resistance to the piece.
The plant is at the forefront of liquid coating technology and have two large pressurized booths and an endothermic oven.

Color Life is a company specialised in liquid coating of objects of any kind, material and destination by providing high quality finishes.


We offer you professional consulting in the realisation of unique works, taking account of all your specific requirements.

Effects and finishes

We offer a wide range of colors and effects, for excellent long-term aesthetic performance of surfaces.

Final touch

Our highly qualified team in specialized in refining and finishing works.

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Color Life offers a wide range of pretreatment and finishing cycles with both protective and aesthetic functions. Find out what we can do by clicking here.