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Areas and applications

Color life embraces a qualitative approach, taking bodywork finishing to the world of industry.

We operate in different areas, making focus on details the starting point for impeccable objects: from industrial products, to interior design solutions.

Coating for the Industry

Liquid coating for manufactures and components of different sizes and industrial applications.

Construction and furnishing

Solutions for the stylistic valorization and design of architectural elements, furniture, home decor, indoor and outdoor finishes.


We have a great selection of  finishes for car and motorcycle, vintage vehicles, components of competition vehicles, and agricultural machines.


We enhance the aesthetic appearance of lighting elements and urban furnishing with particular attention to resistance to external agents.

Maritime industry

We are active in the maritime industry and paint elements for the interior design of boats and yachts.

Personalised services

Finishes for specific requirements, in line with the highest aesthetic and qualitative standards, even for individual pieces.

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